Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc: Oh là là, où est le plaisir?

1664 againWith virtually every ad budget on hold or cut to the bone, the quest for new ad campaigns is getting harder and harder. Still, as George Benson once sang, “Never Give up on a Good Thing” and just in time here comes a new one for Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc – the first since the brand appointed Fold7 as its global agency.

Now, just in case you were wondering what 1664 Blanc is, it’s not just any old lager, you know, it is “a playfully elegant wheat beer from France with a delicate twist of citrus, with subtle aromas and a beautiful haziness, brewed with a dash of French joie de vivre”. Not only that, it is also “one of the most dynamic brands in the Carlsberg Group portfolio, with growth coming from all over the world”. (Soif, encore?)

The new Fold7 activity, “Good Taste with a Twist”, is designed to underline the beer’s premium positioning and French heritage, and “depicts a world of playful elegance, introducing surprising twists to modern French icons; these include a French bulldog sporting a blue moustache, a frosty lemon-squeezing blue lobster and a trunk turned cooler”. (Aidez nous.)

Still, the campaign aims to accelerate brand awareness by challenging category norms and presenting 1664 Blanc as a premium lifestyle brand rather than a beer. (Nous avons dit que ce n’était pas n’importe quelle vieille bière blonde.)

Running in over 40 markets, including China, Russia, South Korea and Canada, initially on digital and social media channels, the activity will roll out to TV, outdoor and instore later in the year.

Carlsberg vice-president of craft and speciality Steve Stringer said he is “delighted to bring this beautiful campaign, created in partnership with Fold7, to beer drinkers across the world”. He added: “It really encapsulates 1664 Blanc’s distinctive character and flair and we can’t wait for people to see it.”

Fold7 chief creative officer Ryan Newey added: “Luxury is not what it used to be. The campaign unveils our definition – playful elegance, Frenchness with a twist. It’s a great product, we’re delighted to be a part of this next phase for the brand.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office? With such a massive build up, will this new activity prompt us to tap into our own French heritage and grab a box of 1664 and boire profondément? Or will we buvez autre chose à la place?

We must admit we are slightly pas impressionné by the playful elegance of the French bulldog sporting a blue moustache,  the frosty lemon-squeezing blue lobster and a trunk turned cooler, still, as they say in the Alsace, c’est la vie.

And, after all, ce n’est qu’une publicité pour la bière! À votre santé.

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