Laithwaite’s Wine: Bottom’s up for the grape escape

laithwaiteAnd so dear readers, to the wine cellar – and why not? – for Rapp’s first campaign for Laithwaite’s Wine since being appointed in the summer; the company not only claims to be the UK’s number one online wine retailer but its website boasts “mouth-watering, star value whites” and “big flavour reds that won’t break the bank”.

Anyway, the activity heralds a new strategy and everything, built on the insight that there has been a big shift in the sort of people buying wine online, accelerated due to lockdown, as the nation sits on its arse and drinks for Britain to escape the clutches of Covid hell. (OK, we made that last bit up but it sounds about right doesn’t it?)

You see, according to the Laithwaite’s, before Covid struck, customers tended to be affluent males aged 45 and up – wannabe sommeliers no doubt – but in the past year the firm has been capturing a younger and more female audience, purchasing both individual bottles and by the case.

The resultant TV campaign aims to take the “stuffiness” out of being a wine lover, with four spots playing on the idea of customers pretending to walk downstairs to an imaginary wine cellar and confidently back up with a bottle from Laithwaite’s. (At least they aren’t stumbling.)

Three films are played out in different domestic settings and a fourth montage film. One sees three female friends enjoying a glass of wine around the kitchen counter. Another features a younger couple relaxing on the sofa. All the films end with the line “Get that wine cellar feeling with Laithwaite’s’”.

The ad breaks on national TV this week and will be supported by social, digital and print channels.

Laithwaite’s managing director Philippa Strub is a big fan of the new activity. She said: “We’re really excited to see this campaign go live. The idea had us laughing from the start and chimes with our belief that wine is all about bringing people together and lends fun and inspiration to everyday life.

“We’re confident the humour will help us stand out from the crowd and build a brand connection with the many younger customers who have been buying wine online in recent months.”

Rapp UK chief creative officer Al Mackie added: “The staff at Laithwaite’s are incredibly knowledgeable about wine and as a business they have a strong track record with response-based advertising. But it was great to see how open the team was to our idea of a more brand focused campaign rooted in humour, to help build an emotional connection with audiences who are often ignored by this sector.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Will we be rushing to Laithwaite’s website to “join over 100,000 UK wine lovers who enjoy the convenience and quality of a wine plan”? Will we be tempted to “tuck into the highlights of the season with our introductory case and an equally tasty £100+ saving”? Will we even be lured in by the free “Dartington Crystal stemless glasses and delivery”?

Well, you never know. (We’re not big fans of steamless glasses but that’s just a minor point.)

The thing is, the ad is based on a very simple idea and plays it out well but we can’t help feeling that if we’d had a few glasses when this came on the telly, we’d be signing up like a shot. So it’s all about the scheduling for us.

Then again, a few freebies might twist our arm, too…how about it Philippa?

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “fill your boots” 8 out of 10

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