LG Electronics The Smart Good Life: Lost in translation?

LGAs Euro 2020 moves into the knockout stages, some 12 months later than scheduled, we are continuing our tour of European ad campaigns. And, dear readers, where better than to Germany, England’s opponents on Tuesday, for Serviceplan Hamburg’s inaugural pan-European ad campaign for LG Electronics?

Now, according to the official blurb, this “light-hearted new campaign is a contemporary take on the hit It’s a Hard-Knock Life from iconic musical Annie“.

Kicking off in Germany, France and, of course, the UK, “The Smart Good Life” campaign features an “inclusion and diversity friendly” family, who even seem to have two dads.

They also seem to have a glut of LG products, from TVs of different sizes (60”, 30” and 20”), a TurboWash washing machine and an InstaView refrigerator, to a Gram laptop and Tone Free earbuds. No wonder they look so happy as they perform a new version of It’s a Hard-Knock Life reworked with the tag line “It’s a Smart Good Life”.

The activity is apparently designed to appeal to technology enthusiasts and smart home users, as well as aesthetic design lovers, while showcasing the LG brand’s range.

Serviceplan Group reckons it has been able to deliver a multi-platform campaign that works in all major European markets according to local language, cultural nuances, differences in brand perception, product emphasis, media and performance planning.

The main objective to strengthen the LG brand identity in the Germany, France and the UK, where it will air on all major commercial channels, as well as digital platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The campaign also features radio ads which will debut on Spotify and UK radio stations this month, as well as digital banners, social media ads, and a website designed by LG.

LG UK head of marketing Marina Clowes commented: “The Smart Good Life brand campaign offers an exciting opportunity for LG to position and explain its brand heritage to the local UK market. It’s great to convey the LG story to the UK audience via a positive, universal message.

“In order to showcase our philosophy, we worked closely with Serviceplan to develop a European campaign including touchpoints on TV and online. With our innovative LG products and functionalities as the subject matter, we wanted to portray how our technology can enhance our customers’ daily lives and help our customers to experience it via our creative campaign activities.”

Serviceplan Hamburg managing partner Florian Klietz added: “Right from the beginning, the whole team had the feeling that this brief was a chance to make a bigger statement connected to the innovative products of LG. Optimism is what guided everyone of Serviceplan and within the LG team. That positivity I can see in every frame and hear in every line.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Oh the trials and tribulations of running pan-European ad campaigns; after all, “delivering a multi-platform campaign that works in all major European markets according to local language and cultural nuances” is hardly a stroll in the park.

To be fair, this campaign makes a half decent fist of it but it is still very “pan-European”; the dubbing is not great either. The main problem, however, is that by showcasing all of LG’s products the family end up looking a little bit smug – and that is not a great look these days.

Still, who knows, it could go down well in Germany and France…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “don’t get cocky kid” 7 out of 10

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