Lovehoney ‘get your education’: Myths are busting out

LovehoneyAnd so to Lovehoney, and why not, we hear you ask? After all, a summer of fun should never be followed by an autumn of none and just in time for those shorter days and longer nights, up pops a new digital outdoor ad campaign aimed at boosting awareness as well as website visits for the sexual wellness brand.

Based on the findings of a new nationwide survey which found that 16% of people in the UK rate their sex education as “terrible”, the activity is designed to highlight some of the most common myths surrounding sex, to educate as well as challenge.

All billboards follow the same pattern, with one of these challenging the myth that vaginas should all smell like flowers and vulvas all look the same, and another debunking the notion that period sex is forbidden and wrong.

The former shows an image of a female torso plant pot with a bouquet of flowers in it, featuring the phrase “No. Not all look and smell like this”.

Each of the four billboards carries the call to action “get your education at”, with a QR code leading to a new landing page on Lovehoney’s advice hub.

The hub features five short videos debunking some more common myths and misconceptions caused by poor sex education, created in partnership with Lovehoney sex and relationships expert Annabelle Knight, and sex and sexual health expert Sarah Mulindwa.

These videos tackle the topics of what is and isn’t consent, why pornography is not always realistic, STIs and harmful stereotypes, why masturbation is OK, and what sex really is.

The two-week campaign launched this week, with the digital billboards live across London; they are only being shown after 7pm, and away from schools.

A brand spokesperson said: “Lovehoney’s purpose is to help people discover their sexual happiness, which all stems from a good sex education. Our survey showed that the UK is not even getting this, let alone being taught about things like pleasure, so we had to be bold in this campaign while also re-educating on some of the most important topics.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Well, we’ve said it before but it is worth repeating, over the past few years brands like Lovehoney have done a great job in turning sex into “sexual wellness” and banishing the long-held belief that there is something sordid and grubby about such a natural act.

This activity will no doubt be an eye-opener for some but their use of humour has certainly lubricated that transition and long may it continue; when the laughing stops, the world does, too. And, as they say in any Carry On movie worth its salt, let’s just hope they can “keep it up”!

Decision Marketing Adometer: A ‘good, clean funtime’ 9 out of 10

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