Maltesers Bunny Scavenger Hunt: Not exactly treasure

maltesersSo, how did the January diet go? Have you managed to shed those extra pounds? Are you looking forward to satiating those chocolate cravings once more?

Well, luckily help is at hand from Mars Wrigley brand Maltesers which is hailing the return of its Maltesers Bunny through a new ad campaign created by AMV BBDO.

What, we hear you ask, is Easter here already? Hmm, not quite but there are “only” 72 sleeps until chocolate Sunday (apparently there is some sort of religious element too) so we’re already allowed to start scoffing.

But, it seems, we’ve got to get hold of those pesky Maltesers Bunnies first as the new campaign, which features an augmented reality partnership with Snapchat, focuses on the theme of “several delicious, malty and mischievous Maltesers Bunnies escaping from the factory”.

The campaign calls for the nation’s help to contain the bunnies, which are “breeding like rabbits” (fnarr fnarr as Finbarr Saunders might say) and urges everyone to get out and find them.

It depicts the bunnies breaking through a layer of chocolate, and urges people to “See Them, Catch Them, Eat Them”.

The partnership with Snapchat involves the platform’s first-ever AR “scavenger hunt” (surprise, surprise), allowing seekers to virtually catch a bunny for the chance to win a £5,000 prize.

People are also invited to scan the Snapcode on Maltesers’ posters in order to take part. In-store, shoppers can win a “daring” day out by just checking online if they have caught a bunny.

Sadly no-one from Mars Wrigley or AMV was available for comment on the campaign; maybe they are all too busy “scavenging”?

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office? Will we be joining in the AR fun for a chance of a free chocolate bun-bun? Will we be seeking out the interactive posters or even eyeing up a daring day out?

Unlikely. The thing is, down at our local Tesco Extra they are still trying to shift the equally “delicious, malty and mischievous” Maltesers Reindeers left over from Christmas; in fact they have been sitting in the “reductions” aisle for over a month and, at 25p, compared to the RRP of 50p, we’ve been scoffing them for weeks. In fact, we’re quite sick of them now.

Still, we’re sure the kiddies will appreciate the Snapchat campaign…

Decision Marketing Adometer: a rather bland 6 out of ten

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