SlimFast: Another January slimming ad bites the dust

slimfastOh January, so much to answer for, and so much over-indulgence to tackle. Now, if you’re anything like us and your clothes are bursting at the seams, you’re also probably looking around for an easy way to shift those extra festive pounds without going through 31 long days and nights of starvation.

Luckily help could be at hand with the launch of not one but two new campaigns from SlimFast – fronted by Kelly Brook – promoting the brand’s range of meal replacement shakes, bars and snacks.

Devised by HeyHuman, the “Works for me” ads are designed to reinforce the brand’s “effective, doable weight loss proposition by showing how SlimFast seamlessly fits into busy, everyday lives to drive brand reappraisal”.

The brand ad will be supported by a month-long #ICANJAN TV and social media initiative designed to inspire people to deliver on their New Year’s weight loss resolutions. The social campaign is designed to provide “inspiration and support that leads to change at the start, during and after the weight loss journey”. Good luck with that.

But why Kelly Brook we hear you ask? Well, at the risk of “fat shaming” everyone’s fave Celebrity Juice panellist, “our Kel” had apparently been stuffing her face for ages and piled on the weight until she signed up to the slimming brand and has now lost an impressive two stone.

SlimFast marketing director Hannah Darlington reckons that the brand is all about making weight loss “enjoyable and achievable” insisting that the campaign shows “how our products can fit easily into people’s everyday schedules – complementing lifestyles rather than limiting them”.

Darlington added: “The inspirational weight-loss journey Kelly has been on with the SlimFast brand makes her a perfect ambassador for our range of meal-replacement products.”

HeyHuman managing director Liz Richardson kindly reminds us that the “New Year is always a time for determined resolutions”. Thanks for that.

She concluded: “We wanted to deliver a campaign that supports and champions those who want to lose weight this year. The creative, in combination with Kelly Brook’s inspirational presence, will help reinforce the brand’s effective and doable weight loss proposition.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office? Will Kelly’s endorsement make it any easier to survive on SlimFast “dust” until all those evil extra pounds have vanished? Can the brand really make weight loss “doable, enjoyable and achievable” rather than leaving us starving, bored and craving chocolate? More importantly, if we don’t tackle this extra padding, are we destined to be bigger than a house by Easter?

Well, these ten-second “blink and you miss them” spots don’t really “Work for us”, as they barely have time to show anything other than Kelly sipping a milkshake before turning to the camera and saying “Works for me”.

As everyone knows, once you ditch the dust you pile it all back on anyway. Ah well, there’s always the Atkins Diet, the Paleo Diet, the 5:2 Diet, the Werewolf Diet, the Rhubarb Diet, the Cotton Ball Diet and our personal favourite, the Red Wine Diet, to try. Roll on February…

Decision Marketing Adometer: a decidedly average 6 out of ten

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