The RAF’s Air and Space Operations: Definitely a maybe

RAF_Air_and_Space_OperationsIt is fair to say that the human race has long been fascinated with Space, whether the voyages of the Starship Enterprise to boldly go where no man has gone before or just peering through a telescope, the sky, the stars, and the galaxy have always held a special place.

What is perhaps slightly less known is that the RAF has its very own Air and Space Operations, which apparently has a host of different and exciting – their words not ours – roles available.

Enter a new campaign by Engine Creative aimed at younger audiences, which to be honest is far more “Air” than “Space” but does at least attempt to depict the split-second challenges and decision making essential to protect UK skies – “decisions that very few people ever get to see”.

The film opens with a radar screen and operative considering what a non-responding plane is when it appears on the monitor. The voiceover states: “This is a plane. But what sort of plane? Maybe it’s a cargo plane. Or maybe it’s a passenger plane. But why isn’t it responding to radio?”

The film then goes through a number of scenarios, including a hijacking, as the voiceover ratchets up: “Maybe the alarm needs to be raised and the Government alerted. And maybe a decision has to be made. Maybe. Have you got what it takes to protect our skies?”

The spot, directed by Engine creative director David Dearlove, is designed to shine a light on the ever-changing decisions of those who work in RAF Air and Space Operations and will run on RAF Recruitment online channels from this week.

Flight Lieutenant Simon Williams said: “In the face of numerous hurdles, with masses of positivity, we have created a fantastic video promoting some of the incredibly exciting opportunities we have within the profession to a wide audience. Engine Creative has delivered a high-quality product that will undoubtedly inspire current and future audiences, and highlights the critical role that the Air and Space Operations profession and the RAF play in the security of the nation.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office?

Will we be rushing to urge our young friends and family to sign up for the RAF? Will we ditch the safe world of trade journalism for the excitement of protecting the UK’s skies?

Er, not on this showing and definitely not in line with the headline they want us to use of “RAF Depicts Tension and Thrills of Air and Space Operations Profession”.

There are simply to many “maybes”. Of course, maybe we just don’t get it because maybe we’re not the target audience. Maybe. Then again, maybe it is just not much cop…

Decision Marketing Adometer: A “this doesn’t reach for the sky” 6 out of 10

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