Twitter Dating Valentine’s Day: Snog, marry or avoid?

twitterAs the world and his wife, husband, civil partner, lover, friend with benefit or even office affair get all gooey-eyed, Twitter is launching a Valentine’s Day campaign with a difference, featuring tweets that expose the often-harsh reality of actually going out on a date.

Created by Flying Object, the outdoor campaign is running in selected London Underground stations, including in Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Tottenham Court Road as well as flyposting activity across Clapham Junction, Queens Town Road Battersea and St Pauls Road Islington. (Not that Twitter is London-centric, you understand.)

One tweet reads: “My worst date will always be the one where I paid for the cinema ticket and snacks and my date reached out for the change from the cashier and put in his pocket.” Another reads: “*gets ghosted* Me: thank you for the 15-day free trial”. (Your guess is as good as ours.)

Twitter has also created an “immersive experience” in London’s Covent Garden, dubbed The Dating Twitter Advice Bureau, where visitors can browse semi-educational and entirely uninformative installations inspired by real-life tweets. (Bet there’s a massive queue to get in there, especially if it’s pissing down outside.)

In the bureau, visitors can spin the “wheel of misfortune” to find out whether their next date will be suave, confident or simply expensive. There is also an opportunity to lay flowers to lost conversations in the “ghosting graveyard” and enter the “gallery of awkward silences”. There is even a neon-lit adult area, where you can gawp at X-rated tweets at the Peep Show. (Classy.)

At least Twitter UK director of planning David Wilding seems pleased with the initiative. He said: “The most hilarious, honest and real accounts of dating aren’t those found in magazines, romcoms or on the apps, but within the Dating Twitter conversation.

“People come to Twitter to talk about what they really think about love and dating – the good, bad, awkward. We want to honour the true reality around the modern world of dating on Valentine’s Day, by bringing the most raw and relatable tweets to life at the Advice Bureau, even if it’s not very helpful.”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office, many of whom, apparently have their own disastrous tales to tell (like the nut-job stalker, the one whose picture was at least 30 years out of date and the groper – or perhaps all three?).

Well, at least the creative isn’t a disaster and, although we haven’t experienced it first-hand, The Dating Twitter Advice Bureau doesn’t sound completely crap. But you have to ask yourself, what is the point?

It simply doesn’t go anywhere…or encourage you to do anything, other than, we guess, go on Twitter. And, if you aren’t on there already, this campaign is hardly going to get you to sign up, either. All in all, very baffling.

Decision Marketing Adometer: An equally baffling 6¼ (mainly for the creative)

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