#WeAreLtd: Isn’t it time we supported all freelancers?

weareltdThey are the lifeblood of the creative industry yet many freelancers feel they have been cast aside and left to rot by the Government’s failure to include them in the Covid-19 financial support schemes.

While up to 6 million workers are now furloughed and getting 80% of their normal salaries paid by the Government, many freelancers will have to wait until June for even the chance to apply; for freelancers registered as limited companies there is nothing.

Enter the #WeAreLtd campaign by freelance producer Matt Keen, which serves as a hub for the latest developments, most effective action strategies and a platform to collectively obtain a louder voice on the national stage.

As the campaign’s LinkedIn page explains: “There are 5.8 million small businesses in the UK with 13 million employees contributing billions to the economy. These businesses and the hardworking owner-directors who run them have fallen between the cracks of the Government’s support during the Covid-19 pandemic. Without a review of the rescue measures, many of these businesses will have no option but cease to trade, with devastating effects on the individuals and families they support.”

The ultimate aim of the campaign is to persuade Chancellor Rishi Sunak to rethink support packages to include sole trader limited companies.

In a blog post on MoreAboutAdvertising, Keen wrote: “I saw a post by legendary copywriter Chas Bayfield that got me thinking about the concept of being ‘Limited’. Chas and I got in touch (remotely, of course) and came up with an ad for those in our situation #WeAreLtd, beautifully designed by Martin Casson.

“Chas wrote some copy and we put it up on Linkedin. The post was viewed over 11,000 times in just two days. For comparison, government statistics estimate that there are 19,000 self employed people currently working in advertising.

“Both Chas and I have been in contact with our accountants (big firms, not a bloke above a chip shop) within the last few hours, and even they are unsure of what help is available to those in our position. If they don’t know, what hope do we have as creatives and producers, plumbers and photographers? What I do know is that one year I remember paying more tax than Facebook.

“With seemingly no end in sight to this crisis (and no way of knowing when we’ll next find work when we’re allowed to) is it too much to ask to get some clear information and a little financial help from @RishiSunak now, however ‘Limited’?”

So, what is the consensus around the Decision Marketing office? Quite simple: sign it, share it, do anything you can to get involved! #WeAreLtd #Dont4GetUsNow #Freelance

Decision Marketing Adometer: A fully supportive 10 out of 10

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