A breakfast fit for the kings and queens of the industry

foxy nWell, I just about survived my trip to the LA of the South Coast – and good job too as this weekend is the big one, when all of us Northern girls take a trip to Aintree for the annual Grand National bunfight.
In fact, I am actually penning this from the course, as Roxy and I arrived early to take in the sights, sounds – and, dare I say, smells – of what claims to be the “most fashionable day of the Scouse calendar”.
Not that we are vying for the Style Award, you understand, we just like to have a great laugh at all the others. Scouse-brow? Pissed up munters? Of course, and I am sure you will believe me when I say there’s more orange on display here than in a Nineties Tango ad.
Still, for once I am actually pacing myself – and not just because it is Friday the 13th. In fact,  I am heading back to the South early next week due to the fact that I have been press-ganged – I mean invited – to attend the next Mint Summit.
To be honest, at first I thought it sounded like a great idea. After all, surely at the Mint Summit, everyone will be, er, Minted? Then I found out it was all about data protection. Ah well, I have a feeling my train may well be delayed until 5pm, when the drinking starts…
But one place I will definitely be visiting is the Lounge Cafe, run by the lovely Zina Manda, formerly of Mardev, which has just beaten dozens of celebrity chefs and high-end restaurants to become the highest rated restaurant on TripAdvisor.
Apparently their £3.95 English breakfast is to die for and there is even a larger version of the same dish for just £4.95 with fried eggs, sausages, beans and toast. I love going large, don’t you?
Cue media frenzy, although DM industry nemesis the Daily Mail, of all media outlets, has been particularly glowing, reporting that Zina and her business partner Maria Kuehn “were both high-flying City professionals but became fed up of the long hours and thankless grind”.
If only they knew…
So, forget the Ritz, The Ivy, the Wolseley and Gordon Ramsay’s Maze, head down to the Welford Centre, Wembley and fill your boots. Tell them Decision Marketing sent you and you might even get a discount!

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