A cautionary tale for all those planning a big surprise

foxy 414Well, dear Foxy fans, you really don’t know how lucky you are to be reading this. That’s because by all rights I shouldn’t even be here this week as, according to #EqualPayDay, I am now working for free until the end of the year.
Sadly, even the 13.7% pay gap argument doesn’t really stack up for me. I worked it out and I have actually been toiling away for free for about three months. Bah.
Anyway, I was just starting to feel a bit down in the dumps over the inequality of it all when I remembered, Christmas is only 39 sleeps away, and I haven’t even started my shopping yet. Of course, at the top of my list is the office Secret Santa, but therein lies a cautionary tale for all…
Now, apparently back in the day, there was a creative chief – we’ll call him Steve for argument’s sake – who was working in New York at the time.
Following the British tradition of buying something amusing for your colleague, our Steve went out and bought, well, something amusing.
When the time came for the “big reveal”, Steve realised the error of his ways as one by one his colleagues opened their Secret Santas. Things went from bad to worse as he sat nervously awaiting his turn, with many of the recipients holding back tears and saying things like “oh this is the best present I’ve ever had”.
Unfortunately that wasn’t quite the reaction when Steve’s “match” opened up her beautifully wrapped package to reveal a 10-inch black dildo, sparking shrills of horror, looks of disgust and an early exit for Steve.
Come the morning, and he was summoned to the chief exec’s office to be told he was being transferred to New Zealand.
Don’t say you haven’t been warned…

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