Adland feeds up Foxy but now she has weighty issues

foxy 414It seems I might, just might, have stumbled across an ingenious idea with the launch of the Decision Marketing Adometer – what do you mean it wasn’t even my idea…how very dare you? – as within hours of posting last week’s musings I was knee-deep in, yep, you guessed it, CHOCOLATE.
As you may be aware, McKelvey’s august organ (don’t go there) has been bigging up the DM industry now since 2010; before that he spent nearly a decade doing the same on Precision Marketing and Data Strategy. But is the industry grateful? Do they shower us all with gifts? Nope, all they want is to get into bloody Campaign all the time.
However, just a passing mention that I will be giving a few ads the once over and suddenly everyone wants a piece of me. Not DM agencies – or customer engagement agencies as they insist on being called these days – but my new found friends in adland. Hornby, Senior, Droga and Co know the way to a woman’s heart is through her mouth…
Sadly, the upshot of this is that I have piled on the pounds and need a quick fix to ensure I will be beach body ready for the summer. Good job then that help is at hand at the marvellous Lounge Cafe, 113 Chalkhill Road, Wembley, run by the equally marvellous duo of former Mardev boss Zina Manda and her foodie friend Maria Kuehn.
(Don’t just take my word for it, read the reviews and then book them for all your weddings, parties, barmitzvahs and funerals… It is way better than Lantana Cafe, run by DMer turned Facebook creative Caitlin Ryan, which this week has had one of the most cringe-worthy puff pieces splattered across the self-proclaimed advertising bible.)
Anyway, the Lounge has posted that its “walk, talk, and fork” – an eight-week exercise and healthy cooking programme – has started again. I must admit it is slightly different from my usual regime of “pub, grub and blub” but hey, if I want to remain popular in the cut-throat ad industry, I recognise that I have got to shed the pounds – and fast.
After all, as the svelte queen of adland and Dame Anna Wintour wannabe Claire Beale proves, being a skinny minny is de rigeur daaarling…

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