An Easter Bunny to bring the house down this weekend

foxy 414“See the Easter bunny, Hopping down the street, Giving out candies, To everyone he meets, All the kids behind him, Form in a line, Hopping like bunnies cause its Easter time.”

Yep, two four day weeks, split by a four-day weekend means just one thing…it’s Eaaaaaaster! Add in a lorra, lorra CHOCOLATE, the end of Lockdown 3.0 and it is perhaps easy to see why I am as happy as a kid in a sweet shop.

Not that this week started that well after I received an email from, trying to get us all in the mood for April Fools’ Day (that’s today in case you hadn’t noticed). Now, apparently, one of the most popular guilty pleasures enjoyed online by people is prank videos.

In an effort to get some PR (well, here you are) used online analytics tool Ahrefs to discover which online users in Europe are the most mischievous, based on their average monthly searches for prank videos on YouTube.

And, it seems, the French come out top with an average 77,600 YouTube searches per month for pranks, with the UK and Germany in joint second on 52,000, followed by Poland (29,500), Turkey (22,300) and Sweden (19,500).

But it is when you look at the results for the most popular type of prank that my blood started to boil. While people in nearly every other European country enjoy “gold digger” and “kissing” pranks, in the UK, people can’t get enough of “laxative prank on girlfriend”.

So, basically, British men love nothing more than watching someone drug their girlfriend, who then shits herself. My God, is that what we’ve come to? Still, I’m sure will be pleased with the coverage.

Luckily, my mood was lifted somewhat when I got another email, entitled “Is this the UK’s most expensive Easter Egg?”

Desperate for tips for Desperate Dan (or as I like to call him my “DDs”) – the Southern Softie who’s hard in all the right places – I read on to discover that Andrea Zagatti, the private chef behind a £250 ‘Billionaire’ sandwich, is “delighted to announce” the release of his latest culinary creation – The Tsar Egg – inspired by the design of a Matryoshka doll.

Composed of three individual eggs, each decreases in size, and is placed one inside another – just like wooden versions beloved of kids and adults the world over.

The heart (the smallest egg) is made up of bronze chocolate and crystallised violets, and in true Zagatti’s style, wrapped in edible rose gold (yum). The medium sized egg consists of 35% milk chocolate with Difference Coffee Jamaica Blue Mountain beans and hazelnut crumble and is wrapped entirely in edible silver leaves (double yum). The outer egg is produced using 85% dark chocolate with pistachio and gianduja cream layers (bejesus, give it to me, NOW!).

And the coating? You guessed it, The Tsar Egg is finally wrapped in 24k edible gold, with the entire structure constituting a 35cm luxury delight and a snip at just £1,000.

Sadly, a little out of reach for my “DDs” but help is at hand from a third email entitled: “Have fun at home with Lindt’s iconic GOLD BUNNY”, which detailed how the Swiss premium chocolate company has brought back the “bun-bun” just for me.

Created almost 70 years ago by the best Swiss chocolatiers, GOLD BUNNY is the brand’s most emblematic character, apparently, whose golden wrapping, its elegant red bow and its characteristic hand-placed bell have already made it iconic not only in our country, but throughout Europe (too right!)

Now, if only they could stick a couple of batteries in it, us girls would really be able to “have fun at home” this Easter…

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