At last, Foxy can commence the Christmas countdown…

foxy 414It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Everywhere you go, Festive songs are blurting out, But under the tree there’s nowt, Although the pressies are definitely coming I know…

So, now we’ve finally reached December, my esteemed bosses’ ban on the C-word has been lifted at last. Yep, it’s CHRIIIIIIISTMAS and we have only 18 sleeps – or just over 430 hours – to go.

Now, normally I would be rushing out to buy the whole team Christmas jumpers but apparently even that is now frowned upon. According to environmental charity Hubbub, up to 95% of them are made using plastic and it wants us all to buy them second-hand or to swap old ones with friends and colleagues.

Well, easier said than done around these parts. While a pre-worn jumper from Fatty and Fatter might not be everyone’s idea of fun, at least it should fit.

The main problem is that neither of them has been seen for days. In fact, the last time I spotted them together was Monday morning when they popped in to scoff their chocolate advent calendars and then popped out again, claiming they had back to back Christmas lunches with, er, clients.

One place they definitely didn’t end up was at the DMA Awards though – if I can’t get an invite there’s no way those two clowns are going.

Not that we missed anything by the look of it. Choir? Tick. Ian Bates pretending to be down wid da kids? Tick. Loads of people making tits of themselves? Tick. To be honest, it was a lot easier – and far cheaper – to watch the evening unfold on Twitter and I was up nice and early hangover free, too.

Which is a good job as I have been saving myself for tonight’s Decision Marketing Office Christmas Party; one of the few times of the year when McKelvey actually gets his wallet out.

Hopefully, I will be able to resist the urge to deepthroat the Green Fairy but if not, have a great Christmas and see you again in the new year sometime…

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