Blooming marvellous: why we are investing in youth

foxy 414So, how’s your Freedom Week been? To be honest, mine has been so manic, I’m now hoping to join the “Pingdemic” and get a few days of rest.

Monday was immense. Tuesday was titanic. Wednesday was a whopper and Thursday was thundering…you see, here at Decision Marketing we’re celebrating a new arrival (more of which later) while also doing our level best to rescue the great British boozer.

But it seems we are not the only ones who are growing, as hot off the press, we read that Campaign magazine is “investing in more digital journalism and expanding its award-winning editorial team in the UK, after increasing its subscription revenues in the past 12 months despite the pandemic”.

Not that we read it, we can’t afford the subscription. Luckily one of our many contacts knows a hack for the Campaign paywall and forwarded us the fantastic news for the folk over in Twickenham.

“New appointments include Arvind Hickman, currently news editor of sister title PRWeek and previously news editor of AdNews Australia, who has been named media editor of Campaign (starting on 9 August), and Rob McKinlay, previously head of audience engagement at PRWeek, who has joined Campaign in the new role of head of audience engagement.”

Hmm doesn’t sound great news for PRWeek and it is hardly a massive expansion, is it?

Still, hold on, there’s more: “The world’s leading advertising magazine brand is in the process of hiring a number of other editors and reporters, including for the new position of technology and gaming editor to expand Campaign’s coverage of the rapidly growing tech, adtech and gaming sectors.”

Hmm isn’t that the role that Omar Oakes used to do?

But, of course, the real story is hidden somewhere near the bottom: “The print magazine is moving from 10 issues a year to become a quarterly publication.”

Hmm you have to wonder, a quarterly magazine, why are they even bothering?

Anyway, enough about them and back to us. You see, another new addition to the Decision Marketing team has arrived, with the birth of yet another member of the sisterhood and my esteemed editor’s second golden grandchild, Ilana, sparking mass celebrations.

Oh how we cooed, cooed, and cooed some more over the little bundle of joy and even McKelvey cracked a smile; for once it wasn’t wind.

Naturally, she’s now on the payroll as technology editor and getting more than me. And, to be fair, even at less than a week old, she already knows more about the digital world than her granddad…

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