Brace yourselves for Foxy 3.0; it’s the future, apparently

foxy 414Heard the one about how Die Hard legend Bruce Willis – the man who my esteemed editor reckons he’s a dead ringer for but everyone else thinks he looks more like Kelvin MacKenzie – can still appear in movies after selling his image rights to a Russian firm before his aphasia diagnosis?

Well, apparently, engineers at Deepcake’s AI-powered content optimisation web platform have created an ultra-realistic “digital twin” of the 67-year-old by inputting millions of images of his face into their neural network. They claim it only takes engineers ‘three to five days’ to recreate our former action hero for anything he wants to appear in. (Please, not Hudson Hawk II though.)

Anyway, all of this got me thinking, if only I had a digital twin, she could have so many uses. For instance,”Foxy 3.0″  could beaver away in the Decision Marketing Nerve Centre (ie McKelvey’s front room) all week and I could just put my feet up in front of the TV and binge watch boxsets.

And, if there are boring Zoom client meetings to attend, I could just unleash “Ms 3.0” and I could have the afternoon off.

In fact, I might never have to attend another tedious industry conference, client lunch, supplier round-table, printer site visit, data warehouse tour or PR meeting again.

To be fair, my two bosses probably wouldn’t even notice as they are far too busy talking about the good old days of features meetings at Marketing Week where, if they are to be believed, the whole editorial team spent an hour starring at their own feet – or even worse, the features editor’s – for fear of being roped in to writing 2,000 words on the future of Heinz Baked Beans or the colour of Martin Sorrell’s favourite underpants.

Mind you, I do need someone to pay for my digital twin so perhaps it would actually be quite useful to know the colour of Martin Sorrell’s favourite underpants; then I could get in them.

After all, they say that, as with most men, his pants not only house his brain, they are where he keeps all his money, too…

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