Buckle up, buckle up for the wildest ride of your life

foxy 414“We’ve got a hard road to travel, And a rough, rough way to go, Said it’s a hard road to travel, And a rough, rough way to go, But we can’t turn back, our hearts are fixed, Our mind’s made up, We’ll never stop, McKelvey will see, see us through.”
That’s right dear Foxy fans, with apologies to Jimmy Cliff, the Decision Marketing Holiday Bus is still ploughing through mainland Europe. We’ve got a long way to go but luckily we’ve got the tunes on – Young, Gifted and Black anyone?
And I am pleased to report that Ian “George Clooney” McCawley has finally been let off the leash, so at least there are now four of us. Unfortunately, that means there isn’t much food left in the on-board fridge, and he scoffs chocolate like a girl, too.
So far, we’ve done Belgium and the interminable N34 (nothing to look at except the back of our esteemed editor’s bald and sweaty head). In fact, we even drove past the EU Building in Brussels to see if we could do anything to speed up the Brexit negotiations, only to find the place was shut for the summer.
A quick stop-off at McKelvey’s sister’s house – Mags is so much more friendly than him that’s for sure – and off we headed to our next destination, the Netherlands.
Anyway, we were just pulling in to Rectum, as you do in the Dutch municipality of Wierden, of course, when there was a huge bang at the rear and we realised we had been shunted up the arse.
And, would you believe it, there sitting in a massive Hummer were Dropshadow Dickie and his new sidekick, Steve “he’s very” Matey, who claimed to have been visiting a Dutch data business which is one of their leading acquisition targets.
The irony of being shunted up the arse in Rectum on National Orgasm Day was certainly not lost on anyone. Oh how we laughed and laughed, and laughed some more. A night on the Schrobbeler certainly finished the day with a bang – a banging headache in fact.
But hey, we’re made of sterner stuff here on the Decision Marketing Holiday Bus, so a quick nap and now we’re on our way through Germany to the Liberec Region of the Czech Republic to check out what promises to be another top destination, Horní Police.
Doncha just love a road trip…?

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