Busty’s just not feeling it yet…

Just 11 days to go… are you feeling Christmassy? Here at the Idol household, my Uncle Ivan has been rubbing his baubles all week and been finding it increasingly difficult to control his urges.
I have to admit, however, that he hasn’t rubbed off on me yet. Sadly, I’m just not feeling it.
You see, having cleared a big space by the Christmas tree for all my presents, I’m beginning to wonder where the hell you lot are sending them to?
The offices at Campaign are said to be literally groaning under the weight of bottles of bubbly, posh wine, iPads, and chocolate – and they don’t even have an issue now until the New Year.
All I’ve had so far is one poxy Christmas card from a PR agency and a half-eaten chocolate advent calendar I picked up at last week’s DMA Awards. And the powers that be on this site are forcing me to work right up until next week.
Even my attempts to cheer myself up with a bit of e-tail therapy have been scuppered because I’ve maxed out my portfolio of credit cards.
I suppose it could be worse; I hear poor old Chris Arnold has been struck down by mushroom poisoning – and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella.
In desperation, I’ve turned to Indicia’s ‘Christmas Box of Treats’ campaign on YouTube to cheer me up. But the sight of Ian Bates with his head in a cardboard box full of tinsel just made me realise what I don’t have.
To add insult to injury I’ve also seen that Mike Cavers is promoting his holiday home in France. As I told you last week, his missus is now back in Reading having run an art school there for a few years, although why anyone would want to swap La Maison des Beaux Art in the Dordogne for the Thames Valley is anyone’s guess.
It seems that working on McDonald’s Happy Meals when he was at the Marketing Store must have paid handsome dividends, and if you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.
But at £2,548 for seven days in August, at this rate, I’ll be struggling to afford an hour out there, let alone a week. Bah humbug.
Wait a minute. Just had an email; one of you lovely lot has purchased 500 copies of The World According to Busty Idol & Friends, and a huge Royal Mail van is pulling up outside. There’s a very gorgeous postie unloading what looks like a massive pallet of goodies. God, I love this time of year… Hurrah!!

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