Cheer up sisters, there are only 122 sleeps until Xmas

foxy 414It’s not coming home, it’s not coming home, football’s never coming home. Not that all of you are bothered I’m sure, but we’re gutted about the Lionesses. Luckily, the DM Girls did make it home to cheer up the world with the news that there are now only 122 sleeps till Christmas.

How do I know this you may ask, even though I don’t actually have a Christmas Countdown Calendar? That is because I’m constantly badgered by those pesky “PRs to the Stars” who love nothing more than trying to get coverage for their clients – some of them are even relevant to this august journal, too.

Step forward, claimed to be “the UK’s leading event marketplace”, and its “exclusive press release”. The official blurb points out that, as summer comes to a close, the annual office Christmas party may soon be in your diary. (Sadly not round here, my esteemed bosses are too mean.)

In a desperate – and ultimately successful – attempt to get some coverage, may we present’s 2023 must-have Christmas party themes. (If this is all a bit too soon for you miserable types, feel free to skip to the last paragraph.)

First up is “Circus”: Said to be one of the most in-demand party themes and “a great way to make your Christmas party stand out from the crowd”. Think popcorn carts and candy floss, and if you want to get really creative, hire in some magicians, stilt walkers, or fire breathers. (And why not?) Looking to take the theme a step further? How about drinks created with a bit of theatre? Naturally, shares the best dry ice cocktails and master mixologists to give your party that edge.

Second, is of course “Winter Wonderland”. A Christmas classic, and done correctly, this theme can make your party a real show stopper, they say. Picture decorations in white, silver and ice blue, with wintery trees and lots of fairy lights to create an enchanting winter scene. Think tables covered in white tablecloths, fake snow and hanging silver decorations, all lit up with blue mood lighting. (Too right.) There’s a lot to work with, especially with the right blank canvas venue. Naturally, once more, has the top venues listed.

Third is “Masquerade”. They claim this theme works better for larger companies, where you might not recognise everyone immediately. (If there’s only half a dozen of you, just go to the boozer). It’s also a great theme to allow guests to unleash their creative side, dress up and feel fancy, all the while easing the age-old question of what to wear. recommends looking for a venue with a bit of mystery.

Finally (we promise) is the “Christmas Jumper”. Did you know one of the most googled questions in December is what to wear for the work Christmas party? Take away that stress for your staff and keep things simple by having a Christmas jumper theme – it’s a classic choice, immediately festive and super easy to organise (for lazy arses). Lean into the spirit of Christmas with over the top decorations, Santa hats and an incredible Christmas menu on offer. As usual, has the best caterers in the country with delicious festive menus.

I bet many of you wish we’d won the FIFA Women’s World Cup, now… then I could have waxed lyrical about the prowess of the Lionesses, how we got it right “in the hole” and our back of the net celebrations rather than Christmas in August.

Still, if you have managed to read this far, enjoy the Bank Holiday!

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