Chips with everything – Foxy braced for a big mouthful

foxy 414Thin ones, fat ones, stubby ones, long ones, Belgian-style ones with mayo, Northern style ones with gravy or curry, ketchup, brown and chilli sauce… I love CHIPS; I am also partial to battered fish and have the waistline to prove it. So, what could be more fitting than today being National Fish and Chips Day?

OK, I must concede that there is a national day for nearly everything – Hug Your Cat Day anyone? – but who would begrudge us a chippie tea?

Not the National Edible Oil Distributors Association (that’s NEODA to you lot) for sure, they love CHIPS nearly as much as we do.

And, apparently, “the celebration of the nation’s favourite dish will bring together everyone involved in creating this iconic British dish; from chippies, pub chains, restaurants and retailers, to the fishermen and farmers who provide the sustainable and natural ingredients needed to create this family favourite”.

(Of course, Brexiteers’ favourite boozer Wetherspoons could find the going tough, as Tim “Brussels hater” Martin has finally realised that leaving the EU has left him with no chefs or bar staff. Shame.)

In fact, there’s not much chance of me shedding my Lockdown Lard any time soon as National Fish & Chips Day just so happens to coincide with National Cheese Day. Anyone for a mouthful of Fat Bottomed Girl, followed by Stinky Bishop and Dirt Lover? Maybe a threesome?

Even more worrying is that this double celebration is followed by this weekend’s Big Lunch.

No, for once the Big Lunch does not involve my esteemed editor returning to his old haunts of Soho to be wined and dined by the finest minds and the deepest pockets of the data-driven marketing industry.

This Big Lunch is the UK’s biggest annual get-together for neighbours. First devised by the Eden Project (any excuse for a bit of free publicity), it is designed to get as many people as possible across the UK to have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun.

Roll on National Sewing Machine Day, this time next week, I am going to need a whole new XL summer wardrobe…

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