C’mon girls there’ll always be a soft spot up in t’North

foxy nWell, it hasn’t been a great week for the “hostess” market has it? Not only has the Presidents Club dinner been axed but now the darts girls and the Formula One dollies find themselves on the scrap heap too…what next, the Playboy Bunnies?
Now I’m all for equality, but surely the sisters who are doing this kind of work aren’t exactly being press ganged into it. Or are they like the Presidents Club hostess who was so outraged at being groped up one year, she decided to go back the year after?
Thing is, it has never been an option for me, as I’m afraid the Idol gene passed me by and I’m more Kiera Knightley than Katie Price. But what about poor old Busty, she’ll definitely have to go back to the drawing board.
Back in the real world, luckily up here in the Red Rose County  the PC-gone-mad era has yet to appear, and let’s hope it remains that way. There are some things that are better kept down in “that there London”.
I am happy to report we are still stuck very much in the Carry On era, which is a good job as I am planning a very raunchy hen-do for Roxy, who is tying the knot in the spring.
As you know, us Northern girls like our men big in all departments, which is just as well as that’s all that’s on offer, and with Roxy’s favourite film being The Full Monty, I was planning to hire some local lads to provide the entertainment for the night.
But we are an inclusive lot up here so, any of you girls from the Presidents Club, the darts, and Formula One – even Playboy Bunnies – who are feeling the pinch are more than welcome to join us.
As my esteemed editor found out last month, we know how to have a reet good time…

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