Creative types seek pleasure in the valley of the dolls

foxy 414You know sometimes, just sometimes, there’s nothing quite like that Friday Feeling, even in these tedious Covid times when all a weekend can offer is bingeing on Netflix, Amazon Prime or iPlayer – and sometimes all three.

Now, obviously it goes without saying that I love my job more than life itself – Mundane Monday? Never. Tedious Tuesday? How dare you? Woeful Wednesday? Forget it. Threadbare Thursday? Not in a million years. Frightful Friday? Do you wanna slap? – but even I can have too much of a good thing.

The same, it seems, cannot be said for the growing legions of customers of Sex Doll Genie, a US and European firm specialising in the design and manufacture of “realistic love dolls”, which has reported that orders for “models” have spurted by 400% since March last year.

In 2020, the family run business saw a rapid explosion in orders following social distancing orders, with interest from single males up 51.6% between February and March. (Well, to be honest, G-Cup “Vellamae” would give even my cousin Busty a run for her money.)

But even us girls are getting in on the act, apparently, with 15.8% more orders from single females during the same period. (In fact, on “special offer” there is a 5’4″ male model called “Jordan”, complete with dodgy facial hair and a 6.7″ knob for just $1,690.00, although why anyone would pay $3,530.00 for 5’5″ “Mike” who does not even have a cock is anyone’s guess.)

Still, with their beady eye on new markets, the founders of Sex Doll Genie reckon that it is not only sad loners who are now buying their models. No, dear readers, apparently creative types are rushing to snap them up to incorporate them into their promotional events and photo shoots.

Sex Doll Genie co-founder Janet Stevenson said: “We’ve long known that, despite the name, sex dolls are about more than just sex; they’re essentially a human presence and can bring value to a wide range of situations where a human presence is required, yet not practical.

“This is something we’re seeing more and more of during the pandemic, and we’re excited to see applications of our dolls extend into a variety of other sectors, helping to boost positivity around what we’re truly passionate about.”

Yep, it seems that bereft of agency hotties to force into the sack, creative directors up and down the land are now turning to premium-grade silicone to get their kicks. Just don’t think you’ll be able to claim that one on expenses Steve.

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