England are out but at least we’re not all out to lunch

foxy 414Well, it seems I was right again – obviously as a woman I am never wrong anyway, but hey, get over it fellas – with the Croatian Pornhub team proving far too strong for our keen young men. To be fair, Harry Kane & Co gave it their best shot but in the end they were a bit of a letdown. Seems like they peaked too early; just like most of the men I have ever dated.
Ah well, at least it frees up Sunday…
In fact, this weekend will be the first one I will have taken off since the launch of McContent & Design, the agency which puts craft at the heart of your business (remember them?).
You see, the dynamic duo of McKelvey and McCawley have been far too busy with their proper jobs to help Roxy and me as we plot our global domination. Not that we have missed them much, you understand, all they seem to do is hark back to the good old bad old days when they worked together on such glamorous titles as Precision Marketing, Data Strategy and Marketing Week…and sometimes all three.
Mind you, they don’t seem to have done much work back then either, as all of their, er, “funny stories” seem to involve a messy lunch.
Talking of which, I see adland’s favourite wank mag – oops, sorry, I mean the “iconic media and marketing magazine brand Campaign” – has virtually given up trying these days.
Only last year it pledged that readers can “now look to the magazine for intelligent longer-form, more analytical content, extended case studies and trend reports, which are better supported by a monthly format…this is an incredibly exciting time”. It even promised that the new monthly Campaign “will have intelligence, class and flair”.
So, quite where the “Out to Lunch with David Emin” fits in is anyone’s guess. According to the blurb, “this occasional feature sees David join an ad industry luminary for lunch, which on this occasion is at [surprise, surprise] The Club at The Ivy restaurant, one of London media land’s favourite spots”.
This week, good ol’ Dave was aiming his Paxman-style hard-hitting interview techniques at Anomaly chief executive Camilla Harrisson. So, what nuggets did he prise out of her?
Well, apparently, our Camilla started her career at a really posh PR company; has a very tidy house and is borderline OCD; ran the Great North Run a few years back but couldn’t do it now; and her friend’s mate is a plumber called Denzel.
What an amazing role model for young women wanting to get into the business. I simply can’t wait for the next interview.
Of course, sister, by now you really should know where to come if you want some proper media advice…

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