Fat chance of Foxy not making a pig of herself today

foxy 414Happy International Bacon Day! Yep, sorry all you vegans out there (not sure you should be reading this anyway) but today we actually have an excuse for gorging on rashers thick, thin and even diced and luckily there is plenty of advice out there, just in case you didn’t know how to eat it.

According to one website, which could easily have been written by the Danish Bacon marketing team: “The best way of celebrating this dedication to delicacies is by indulging in the delicious treats that come from those little piggies. A great start would be by going to an all-you-can-eat breakfast place that has bacon on the menu (you don’t say).

“Then, later in the day, head on out to a favourite lunch stop and get a club sandwich or another bacon-y treat.

“Then, in the evening you can grab a cheeseburger with extra bacon, bacon, egg and chips or even beer and bacon mac ‘n’ cheese! Whatever bacon-y goodness is chosen, be sure to share it with friends and loved ones so they, too, can enjoy International Bacon Day!”

Such detailed advice may not go down too well at the University of Michigan, however, following this week’s release of a new study which warns that eating certain foods, including bacon, pizza and sausages, may shorten your life.

In what could be a further blow to the marketing of fast-foods, they have even drawn up a chart: apparently a single hot dog may take 36 minutes off your life, one rasher of bacon 6 minutes, 30 seconds, a slice of pizza 7 minutes, 8 seconds, and a double cheeseburger 8 minutes, 8 seconds.

Luckily they don’t seem to have worked out the effects of the Bolton delicacy that is the “pasty barm”, that’s a pasty in a giant bread muffin, but to be fair it doesn’t take a professor to work out that they are perhaps not the healthiest of snacks.

And, put it this way, the number of those I have scoffed over the years means I am likely to already be living on borrowed time. Fingers crossed then that I make it through today; I would hate to snuff it before tomorrow’s International Eat An Extra Dessert Day…

Have a good one!

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