Flowery frock fantasy goes down the pan for our Foxy

foxy 414Well, me and my big gob. No sooner had I expressed an interest in the TradWife lifestyle, than my email inbox was bulging with offers of marriage. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the prospect of me donning Cath Kidston and joining the floral dress brigade has gone down very well with you fellas, who crave nothing more than a little wifey to service your every whim…

But Houston we have a problem. Having delved a little deeper into the TradWife life, it seems a little less attractive.  So, we do all the ironing, the cooking, the housework, bring up the kids, polish the front-step, lick the boots and tug our forelock to anything in trousers just so we can stay at home, fluff up the chintz and bake fairy cakes in some sort of 1950s nirvana?

And, according to The Guardian (not a massive fan of this particular retro-trend) in the US, the movement is especially popular among white supremacists, who it claims “are extremely down with the message that white women should submit to their husband and focus on making as many white babies as possible”. Someone has even pointed out this type of housewife was promoted by the Third Reich.

Bizarrely, working for Fatty and Fatter suddenly seems rather more alluring, although I will be the first to admit that McKelvey’s front room could certainly do with some TradWife cleaning action.

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned you can shove your subservient ethos where the sun don’t shine, even further than Doc Johnson’s massive mitt in fact. Then again, you probably wouldn’t complain. Onwards and upwards hey girls.

Talking of which, we reckon the only way is up for MusicMagpie, the online site where everything from CDs to mobiles is cheap as chips, if their latest cunning stunt is anything to go by.

You see, they have created a new tool that allows you to find out just how much you’re earning while wasting time at work. According to its findings, the average person spends 2 hours and 9 minutes each day procrastinating, which costs UK businesses over £21 billion each year.

And what, dear Foxy fans, is one of the biggest issues? Why, going to the toilet, of course.

I quote: “The average Brit spends 9 minutes a day sat on the toilet at work. Men seem to be happier to take their time, spending 13 minutes on average, compared to just 5 minutes for women, with the average UK worker earning £370 each year while sat on the loo.”

Quite what this has got to do with MusicMagpie is anyone’s guess, but it certainly does qualify as the biggest pile of shit we’ve seen all week.

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