Foxy and the girls are away so the weekend starts here

foxy 414“Here come the girls (girls, girls, girls-girls), Here come the girls (girls, girls, girls-girls).” That’s right, with the golden grandchildren on board, we’re off on this summer’s first Decision Marketing Girls’ Weekend, so you’d better watch out down in the West Country.

Now, normally, the prospect of taking a new born and a three-year-old away would have most people running a mile but these are the McKelvey Sisters; they already know how to shop and party for Britain.

And the real joy is that they have their granddad – my esteemed boss – wrapped right round their little finger and so they have already persuaded him that we deserve to have holidays whenever we like.

Well, if it’s good enough for Bumble staff – whose 700-strong workforce have this week been told they can take unlimited paid leave providing their manager approves it – it’s good enough for the golden ones, Foxy, Roxy, and Peggy and Meggy from Skeggy.

Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd, the self-made billionaire is already on  her hols, as she left it to president Tarek Shaukat to explain that “it’s becoming increasingly clear that the way that we work, and need to work, has changed and our new policies are a reflection of what really matters and how we can best support our teams in both their work and life”. Too right, sister.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that McKelvey and McCawley – that’s McFatty and McFatter to you lot – have been left in charge. But don’t hold your breath for any updates on the site folks; those two haven’t quite got this “digital magazine” thing yet.

You see, the last time they put a magazine together you had to send your stories to a typesetter, who, after much toing and froing – including the exchange of something called “galley proofs” – would eventually send it off to a printer based in darkest Wales. Days later something would emerge full of typos. And apparently they were the glory years, too.

Still, one upshot of us getting away is that you get my musings early. And, as two of my biggest fans down in Exeter know – yes, you, Catherine and Martin – that means that the weekend starts here!

Have a good one…

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