Foxy attempts to bring home the bacon for new venture

foxy 414Heard the one about the marketing journalist who survived nearly 20 years on the job before stepping down with their reputation and dignity in tact? No, nor had I until I found out that the lovely Sally Hooton had decided to call it a day at the GMA for the joys of being a freelance.
As she passes on the baton, we wish her well and would like to welcome her to the world of Homes Under the Hammer, Council House Crackdown and Loose Women – my esteemed bosses are big fans, I can tell you.
Sadly, I do not have much time for “quality daytime TV” these days; it’s more Tee & Mo, Masha & the Bear and Teletubbies for me as I attempt to pacify the golden grandchild while “running” two businesses.
Mind you, we might just be in need of Sally’s services over here as we are under even more pressure to bring home the bacon for McContent & Design – we put craft at the heart of your business, you know – after Martin Sorrell confirmed he is on the look out for content marketing acquisitions for his new and very exciting S4 Capital venture. (Let’s just hope he hasn’t read any of our previous columns slagging him off.)
One person we are unlikely to be calling on, however, is a bloke who emailed earlier this week offering his services, and I quote: “Hello, my name is Brian. I work at one of the led (sic) content marketing agencies and am emailing you to see if we could help you with our expert (sic)? We are a highly experienced team of professional (sic) who can do vitually (sic) any job, big or small, from business stories to reports and industry studys (sic). Just so you knew (sic), we are also exports (sic) in SEO and PPC and look forward to working with you in the long terms (sic).”
Hmm nice try Brian but even McCawley and McKelvey can do better than that…

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