Foxy begins the search for a rich man with real G-Force

foxy 414Well, it seems, not everyone was too happy that I have started my Christmas countdown early; one wag even suggested that maybe, just maybe, I had run out of things to write about…hmm surely not.
Still as the season of goodwill draws ever closer (it’s only 88 sleeps now), and I check the post for my invites, I have decided to step up my quest for a new man. I mean, as every girl knows, if you really want to get some decent Christmas presents then you need to find a fella with deep pockets.
And one thing my visit to the Bournemouth Airshow taught me was that you can’t beat a man in a uniform. A quick Google search did the trick when I stumbled across, which claims to be the best, largest and most successful online dating site for single pilots and their admirers.
I must admit the site itself could do with a bit of a makeover but the sentiments did strike a chord. And I quote: “Whether you are a single pilot or people who want date a pilot, you will experience the fast and secure of online dating in pilots dating site. You could find your sweetie with our online pilot dating platform.”
The thing is, what’s not to like? Pilots are loaded and they work long hours, meaning that I will still be able to go on girly lunches when he is busy toiling away making money and then get cheap flights when I want to go on holiday. Perfect.
Never one to hold back I got straight on there and was soon being bombarded – nothing wrong with that, of course, so long as they can go non-stop all the way – by the likes of “Mile-high Steve”, “G-Force Graham” and “High Altitude Al”. Mind you, on closer inspection most of them looked more Douglas Bader than Brad Pitt.
Still, as my old gran once told me, you’ve got to “reach for the sky”…

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