Foxy blows the gaffe on a lorra, lorra pointless work

foxy 414Work, work, work, work, work. Ever get the feeling everyone is sitting around pretending to toil away while you work your fingers to the bone? Welcome to my world.

I mean, even the new old kids on the block at Creative Salon – remember them? – appear to have taken their foot off the gas already.

Back in April, they were boasting that they had been writing about advertising and marketing for over 70 years and were definitely not planning on “slowing down”.

They enthused: “We want to harness our experience and our influence to help score a strong future for the best agencies and the best people.

“We genuinely love the ad business and we think that our passion for – and commitment to – the brilliant people who lead it really sets us apart from most other companies that serve the industry.”

So, nine weeks in and how is this passion and commitment coming along? Drum roll…the scores on the doors are: Jezza Lee (8 posts); Sonoo Singh (7 posts) and Claire Beale (1 post).

Nice work if you can get it. Still, there is a lorra, lorra work going on behind the scenes you know, invisible to us lesser mortals…

Talking of invisibility, this morning I got a very interesting email from someone called Emma Gibbs, who works at a firm called Expert Service. I am sure she won’t mind me giving out her name as she is very confident in her abilities, it seems.

You see, our Emms has apparently noticed that Decision Marketing is a UK business but it doesn’t appear on search rankings and is offering to do a lorra, lorra work behind the scenes to sort it all out.

She goes on: “You can start getting tons of new clients every month and reach more customers. We are here to provide our friendly one to one service to cater your needs. Survival is up to you. Recession proof your business now.

“Let me know the best day to call you and a direct number so I can provide more detail about how you will benefit.”

At the bottom of the email, however, there is a disclaimer which states: “We are not spammers. We found your site through a Google search when looking for companies in your market.”

All of which begs the question, Emma, if you found the site through Google, why on Earth would we need your help?

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