Foxy craves dream team to escape editorial nightmare

foxy 414So, girls, how was your International Women’s Day? I must admit, Desperate Dan – my Southern Softie who’s hard in all the right places – made mine a very special day; a bit like all my birthdays, Christmases, and everything else for that matter, coming at once.

But a week is a long time in Covid-19 World (sounds like a trade show doesn’t it?) and now it’s all doom, gloom, death and despair.

Imagine, if you can, working for Sicknote McCawley and Grumpy McKelvey (that’s Fatty and Fatter to you)? Sicknote’s now grumpy too because he hasn’t actually caught coronavirus yet, whereas Grumpy’s feeling sick at the prospect of having to self-isolate (who’s he going to bore to death with his “back in the day” stories now?).

It almost, yes almost, makes me long to work on Campaign with its new “dream team” of Gideon Spanner and Maisie McCabe. Apparently the adland wank mag is so important these days it can’t cope without TWO editors as well as a global editor in chief.

Mind you, haven’t they been running the show anyway, once Rachel Barnes jumped ship to M&C Saatchi? (Bet she’s been regretting that move – ever tried PRing your way out of an accounting scandal?)

The thing is, ever since the “world exclusive” broke earlier this month, I have been wondering how Gids and Mai got the nod over all the other candidates, who were no doubt queuing all the way down Twickenham high street.

And, who wouldn’t for a chance to be “the UK leader of the Campaign editorial brand, across online and in print, as well as live events and to drive audience development and engagement through a focused content strategy”? Not only that but “in this role you will demonstrate excellent leadership and editorial decision making”.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the tweet announcing their appointment got plenty of plaudits from the social media sycophants desperate to keep in with the newbies, too.

But perhaps the person celebrating the most is Nigel Farage, who no doubt thinks it was him “wot won it” for them. After all, weren’t this dynamic duo running the show when some junior publisher pushed for them to plaster Nige’s smug mug all over the “iconic media and marketing magazine brand”?

Did someone say “pushover”?

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