Foxy has the only news that’s worth reading this week

foxy nIt has been hailed as the biggest shake-up of the market since Drayton Bird and John Watson were spotty oiks running around the playground in shorts, playing conkers, British Bulldog and kiss-chase. GDPR? Are you mad? Why it’s the launch of McContent & Design, of course, the new business which, according to the official blurb at least, “puts craft at the heart of your business”.
That’s right dear Foxy fans, Roxy and I haven’t slept a wink for days but at least of all of our hard work has finally paid off – you don’t think my esteemed editor had anything to do with it do you?
We’ve got a website, a limited company registration and even a few people interested, too. Mind you, for some bizarre reason most of them want a job…Ian “George Clooney” McCawley might be used to being in demand, but for McKelvey it is a whole new experience.
We even have some launch clients, too, although, as loose lips sink ships, sadly I can’t reveal who they are. I would have to kill you if I told you, and then who would read this nonsense?
And even Pornhub saw a major decline in visitor numbers last weekend, according to its latest Insights Blog. They are blaming the Royal Wedding for a massive 10% plummet in worldwide viewers, led by a 21% drop in the UK and 6% in the US. If only they knew that Saturday’s launch of the McContent & Design website was the real reason…
Mind you, I think that maybe their analysts were having an off day anyway. Apparently, many celebrities attending the wedding also caused increased interest from fans penetrating Pornhub. None more so than Victoria Beckham, whose searches spurted up 4,213%. Really? Either she is never searched for or the data geeks have cocked it up badly. Now Tom Hardy I could understand, but Miserable Spice, surely not?
With such poor viewing figures, perhaps they could do with some more exciting content to make Pornhub extra “sticky”; more McContent to be precise.
Hmm, guess that’s another one to add to the launch party guest list…

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