Foxy hatches a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions

foxy 414Phew, thank gawd for that. Is it just me or has this Global Climate Strike week been hard work? Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t believe in it all – and it’s great to see the kids taking the lead instead of having their faces stuck on Instagram – it’s just that it also happens to fall in British Food Fortnight.
Trying to keep my esteemed bosses – that’s Fatty and Fatter – onside has been tough going, especially as they are such huge carnivores (apparently one of the biggest perpetrators of global warming). I even caught one of them lusting over Pig World magazine, insisting that there might be a story for us buried somewhere in The Weaner Marketing Summary. Fat chance.
(For the record, the market is “defiantly” improving – whatever that means – although the continued shortage of fattening space is affecting market sentiment. The prices announced by the AHDB saw the weighted average for a 30kg store pig rise by 78p to £52.87 and the weighted average for a 7kg weaner rise by £1.43 to £40.78p.) And you thought this column was salacious?
Anyway despite my bosses claiming that they were going to embrace “Meat Free Mondays”, it seems British Food Fortnight got the better of them as they were last seen falling out of “The Nosh” on Shoreham High Street, clutching a couple of huge bangers (and I’m not talking about my cousin either). Then again, I guess it was very nearly Tuesday morning by the time they had gobbled that lot down.
Luckily, there are some in this industry who are slightly more committed to the cause. In fact, Wieden & Kennedy even closed down for a whole day (no chance of that round here) and apparently 80 creative and media shops, including Goodstuff Communications, Iris, Lucky Generals, and Ogilvy, even took to streets of London to join last week’s protests.
However, I am not too sure whether Campaign’s scoop of the week, that Ovo’s zero-emissions activity starred its own customers, was really that exciting was it?
Mind you, if the trade press really wants to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, we might need Greta Thunberg to lean on Google to banish the YouTube channels of Marketing Week Monthly, Campaign and The Drum.
I don’t know if any of you have had the, er, pleasure of tuning into this, um, highly insightful stuff – by the look of the viewer numbers not many people have – but the amount of flatulence produced by the wind bags on there would put the world’s cattle population to shame…

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