Foxy plans to hop on it to ease the post-holiday blues

foxy 414So, once again it was au revoir mainland Europe, and given this week’s dire warnings over a no deal Brexit, it could be a while before we see you again. Ah well, at least they can’t take away our Bank Holidays.
And luckily we have arrived home just in time for the next one, with the added bonus that I managed to persuade our breakdown man Pierre – “je suis très bon avec mes mains tu sais” – to join us back in Blighty. Hopefully he will lift my post-holiday blues.
Of course, the weather is bound to be appalling but who cares, with “handy” Pierre, er, on hand I don’t plan to be going outside much anyway. Who needs good weather when you have an oiled up Frenchman to keep you distracted?
Even better, this weekend also just so happens to coincide with the launch of Brighton and Hove Beer Week.
With more than 60 events taking place across 30 venues over ten days, what’s not to like? Not that I am one of those “cicerones” who sits there sniffing my drink to soak in the hops and barley, I am, after all, from Bolton – we just open our throats and chuck it down as quick as we can. I just hope Pierre will be able to keep it up.
Mind you, I’ll need more than a few pints to try to forget this week; it has literally been like pulling teeth trying to uncover something you lot might want to read in the news. “Silly season?” If only.
I have to be honest with you, if it hadn’t been for the old favourites of Virgin Media and the Information Commissioner’s Office – poor old “Liz” – we would have had to pretend that the website was “undergoing maintenance”.
Hmm now there’s an idea…

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