How Foxy is currying favour to have it large this season

foxy 414And so dear Foxy fans, the awards season is upon us – unless you work at The Drum of course, where there is a ceremony once a fortnight (check it out if you don’t believe me) – and no-one knows that more than those poor fools over at Haymarket who have just had to endure back to back ceremonies.

Now while I have only seen photographic evidence – you don’t think they would let me anywhere near a Haymarket event do you? – from what I could make out, the Campaign Big Awards are not quite living up to their billing.

You see, when you can’t even fill Old Billingsgate in the City of London, you know you are in a spot of bother. Then again, The Campaign Not Quite So Big As They Used To Be Awards doesn’t have quite the same ring about it…

Luckily for Haymarket, help is at hand in the form of the Media Week Awards. And just in case you think that maybe I have lost the plot – well, you would be spot on – you did read that right; the awards programme for a magazine which was shut down years ago still pulls them in and apparently packed out the Grosvenor last night.

(With that in mind, I might just try to persuade Fatty and Fatter to relaunch the Precision Marketing Awards. After all, they used to ram out the Royal Lancaster Hotel year in, year out, back in the day.)

So, you may ask, what’s the next big event? The DMAs? Nah, none other than the British Curry Awards, of course. Now regarded as the “Curry Oscars”, they are taking place on November 25 at the Battersea Evolution.

And would you believe that the owner of my local curry house, The Indian Cottage Tandoori, has invited me along as his special guest, due to the fact that I gave him such a great write-up in this very column. And who says no-one reads this stuff?

In fact, if all goes well, I might even nominate them for an award at the Award Awards. Yep, you guessed it, there is even an event which celebrates the UK’s best awards, with categories such as Best Awards Venue and Best Catering at an Awards Event.

Just don’t tell anyone at The Drum, I don’t think I could bear to read how their awards had scooped the top Awards Award award…

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