How Meggy from Skeggy quenched her thirst for a bevvy

foxy 414So, it transpires that our new recruit, Peggy from Skeggy, is on to something with her love of the Merlot. According to a scientific study carried out at Laval University in Canada, resveratrol increases the concentration of the ACE2 protein, which is associated with a reduction in the severity of the acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Yep, I know sisters, it’s the breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for. (For all you blokes out there, still struggling to understand, basically fellas, all you need to know is that red wine helps your breathing if you catch Covid).

Mind you, there’s further good news for the sisterhood as Peggy is not the only new addition to the team. It seems that with McFatty’s family, it’s a case of double bubble, with Peggy’s sister Meggy coming on board, too, to complete the deal.

And while Peggy has a penchant for the “reddy” (I admit, a terrible rhyme), it seems that Meggy from Skeggy Loves Any Bevvy, as she proved on the newbies’ welcome drinks.

Red, white, pink, cider, lager, ale, stout, and spirits? No problem; this sister can handle it all. She even polished off a whole crate of Foxy Over A Barrel when we got back from the Indian Cottage Tandoori, which I’m pleased to report has reopened its doors.

So now we find ourselves with a true Decision Marketing coven; welcome to the world of Foxy, Roxy, Peggy and Meggy. We might even put a smile on the face of Jonathan Spooner, our very own gorgeous, witty, brainy and übersexy proprietor of Spoon Creative Ltd. We do love a challenge, after all.

One man who already seems to be chomping at the bit is serial divorcee and “junk mail legend” Drayton Bird, who has been following us around the Internet all week offering “51 free marketing ideas” in an ad for his eponymous website.

A bit like all those “mail them into submission” campaigns he no doubt devised back in the day, I simply couldn’t resist and soon found myself trawling for words of wisdom on

Oh, the glowing endorsements from David Ogilvy, Sir Martin Sorrell and even the late and great Professor Derek Holder; oh, the plaudits for Drayton’s “golden nuggets” and his “full-on, no-holds barred exposé”. But the one that sticks out for me is from Windsor Telecom marketing director Neil Sherring, who said: “Drayton has helped us become the second largest player in our sector.”

Well, to be fair, when it comes to players, our Drayton has always been king of the castle…

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