In praise of the Hunt…

So there we were, Mr and Mrs Idol, doing the weekly shop in Tesco, when suddenly there was a large commotion among the staff. Everyone seemed to be rushing around whispering to each other; it was as if a major celebrity had been spotted.
Then the in-store PA proclaimed: “Would Terry Hunt please come to the security desk!” What? Are you telling me that we were in the presence of the grand old dame of direct marketing? The man who single-handedly changed the course of British retail – let alone Tesco’s fortunes – when he came up with the idea for the Tesco Clubcard? No wonder there was such a hullaballoo, Terry was actually in the Holmbush Centre, Shoreham by Sea…
I must have looked so shocked that even the missus asked what was wrong. Of course, she had never even heard of Terry, let alone knew what he looked like, so I left her grappling with unfeasibly large vegetables as I went in search. I hot-footed it to the security desk to see if I could catch up with him – haven’t seen Tel for ages – but imagine my shock when I discovered this particular Terry Hunt was some spotty teenage oik.
So what was all that fuss about I enquired, why were the staff so over-excited? Oh, apparently Katie Price (aka Jordan) was in the store doing her weekly shop. Now, she really is a grand old dame…
One man who knows all about being let down is SFW md Ben Stephens, who was seriously let down by his car when gales swept the South last week after, according to his reports, he had to virtually dig himself out of a ditch.
Now you’d think a man known for his prowess in the huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ department would have no trouble negotiating a little breeze. After all, he’s bound to have something as robust as a Land Rover, which could carve its way through valleys and rivers in pursuit of all creatures great and small.
Well, no. He actually drives a Mini and apparently they are not the best vehicle to be in when you are trying to swerve your way through country roads as huge oaks crash down with greater frequency than Audley Harrison on canvass.
That’s his version of events anyway. According to sources close to the situation, he actually got a couple of twigs caught under the wheel arch and had to call the AA out to change the tyre. Don’t think that one will make the cover of Shooting Times…

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