Inclusive Foxy is bursting with Pride…and CHOCOLATE

foxy 414Never let it be at said that we’re not all-inclusive here at Decision Marketing. And, by that, I don’t mean that “all-you-can-eat-and-drink” is included in the salary (although from the size of us, you might be forgiven for thinking that’s the case).
No, dear Foxy fans, I mean we love nothing more than diversity; not only do we embrace all LGBTQ+ers, we also adore getting our hands on the RSTUVWXYZers too (and all the minorities who use the other letters of the alphabet for that matter).
And, where better to show the lurve, than this weekend’s Brighton Pride just down the road, which according to Lonely Planet is “one of the best Pride events in the world. Whatever your flavour, you’ll find it in Brighton”.
Our gay buddies love to splash the cash as well; they reckon the event gives the local economy a £20,500,000 boost; the local drug economy does pretty well too…
In fact, we enjoy it so much we’re going to make Brighton Pride our summer weekend out, before everyone buggers off on their hols. You’ve got to feel for Roxy though as she will have to find a new squeeze for the weekend because Jonathan Spooner, the gorgeous, witty, brainy and übersexy proprietor of Spoon Creative Ltd, is on holiday AGAIN, living it up on Crete.
Ah well, with Kylie Minogue hitting the city, there’ll be plenty of totty of every flavour to feast on.
However, there’s still plenty of work to do before then. While Fatty and Fatter are busy trying to make a decent fist of the Vagina Museum brief for McContent & Design (remember them?), Roxy and I have been given an even more important task – yep, I know, what could be even more important than a vagina, I hear you ask?
Why CHOCOLATE, of course.
You see, we have been charged with finding the Hotel Chocolat “Chocmobile” which has been “borrowed” from the firm’s headquarters.
Bosses have pledged that anyone providing information which leads to the return of the Chocmobile – which just so happens to be stuffed full of goodies – will be rewarded with a visit to the “Inventing Room” at its factory, where chocolatiers come up with its recipes. It is also offering a five-year subscription to its Chocolate Tasting Club, a mail order chocolate service.
Thing is, we won’t have to look too far, in fact I can actually see it from here as I was the one who “borrowed” it earlier this week and then parked it in McKelvey’s back garden.
Happy Munching, as they say at Pride…

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