Jezza’s going soft, but Sonoo has beaten him this time

foxy 414Well, well, well, isn’t the world a very sensitive place these days. Following last week’s column bemoaning The Drum for being so up its own arse it was nearly bursting out of its own throat, even the dashingly handsome Jezza Lee was offended, branding our musings “mean spirited”.
Is this really the same bloke who back in the day got so pissed with my esteemed editor on the Aurora Marketing Forum that he poured a whole pint over some pompous agency bloke – nice work fella.
Or the man who, at his “joining drinks” at Haymarket, got so bladdered that they had to carry him back to work? Or the man who, at a World Cup shindig at WWAV Rapp Collins, deliberately set fire to his own mouth which just so happened to be full of Sambuca?
You’re going soft young man, I thought you had a bit more spunk…
Now, of course, I know Jezza used to work at The Drum, and maybe he was hedging his bets just in case he will have to go back there one day when Campaign pulls the plug on his lucrative freelance contract. But why comment at all?
Still another “Drummer”, the ubiquitous Sonoo Singh, has actually stolen the limelight from Jezza this week, proclaiming on Facebook that it was 18 years ago that she joined Marketing Week. And I quote, “Think I sat next to you Ian McCawley on my first day, opposite you Lucy Kavanagh? or was it right opposite Julia Day? Charlie McKelvey & David Benady you would always pat me on my head, saying well done. Thank you everyone for welcoming me. And thank you to the advertising industry for adopting me & always rooting for me. Xx”
Hmm 18 years seems a funny number for a celebration…20 years fair enough, or 30 years, like my esteemed boss, would be nothing short of a miracle (although the only miracle he has performed is that he is still alive).
Anyway, call me an old cynic – in fact you can even call me mean spirited – but was the point of Sonoo’s post to get loads of sycophants telling her what a marvellous job she’s been doing over the years? If so, it certainly worked a treat. She might even get more work out of it…Well done sister.
But I’m afraid it’s enough to make me want to set fire to my own mouth full of Sambuca, and it’s only 10:30am. Care to join me Jezza, or have you changed that much?

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