New arrival fuels Foxy search for the perfect partner

foxy 414Just when you thought there was no news around, up pops the biggest story of the summer. Yep, the new addition to the Decision Marketing team has finally arrived, with the birth of another member of the sisterhood and my esteemed editor’s first grandchild, Magdalen, sparking mass celebrations around these parts.
Oh how we cooed, cooed, and cooed some more and even McKelvey cracked a smile. In fact, Roxy and I thought we spotted a tear in his eye, even though he claimed it was just a bit of dust.
Now, it could be a while before she actually starts work but of course she is already getting paid more than me. Mind you, she’s so cute I could forgive her almost anything, including when she puked all over me…just like an average night out with Roxy really.
We can’t wait to take her out shopping…
The thing is, ever since the baby arrived I have found myself getting a little broody, so I am now on a mission to find a decent fella. Pierre was good while it lasted but now is the time to get serious.
In fact, Roxy and I are off to Dorset this weekend to the Bournemouth Airshow – surely there’ll be plenty of rich pilots there?
In the meantime, just to make sure I will be able to cope with motherhood, I have found a website where you can rent a baby to see if you like it. It means that I’ll be able to join the “Yummy Mummy Brigade” without even a hint of a stretch-mark, stitches or prolapse. Hurrah.
And now I’m going to be a MILF, for a few days at least, I’m going to be even more irresistible to all those fit young men out there.
If I get time in between the baby shower, mixing the milk formula, and dressing up my new princess I might even get some work done…


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