No chance of Cold Feet with the DMA’s firecracker

busty idolBrrrrrrrrr. December’s here alright but although I am freezing my 38DDs off in McKelvey’s living room – of course, he’s nowhere to be seen, this being the season of Christmas lunches – I have a warm glow, having just heard that the gorgeous James Nesbitt is hosting next week’s DMA Awards.
Sadly, my plea for a new outfit for the Big Show has, as predicted, fallen on deaf ears, even among the most ardent Busty fans, but hey, I’m not bitter. There is still plenty of time for you to buy before Christmas, though.
Luckily I managed to pick up a gorgeous black number, with matching shoes and bag during Black Friday – or should I say Black Friday Week? – and I am sure you will believe me when I say, old Nesbitt will certainly not be having Cold Feet when he spots me on the DMA VIP tables right at the front.
Not only will those Irish eyes be smiling, I will have his Blarney charms in the palm of my hand before he’s even opened his mouth. You see, I have already met our host, back in the day in Soho House, and you know what they say, “once you’ve had Busty in black you don’t go back”.
In fact, I know from personal experience that he makes the silvery-tongued slight man from Sligo – that’s Eulogy PR’s Adrian Brady for the uninitiated – seem almost mute by comparison.
And, it is no coincidence that the DMA has already promised me that it will be “a firecracker of an evening on the moonlit banks of the Thames”, so I have official permission, too.
Of course, I will be desperately trying to keep my distance from my esteemed editor, and not only because of his “Call for Action on the TPS” campaign either, as worthy as it might well be.
No, dear readers, it is more that, as many of you will know, once he’s had a few he’s a bloody nightmare and is always trying to steal the limelight. I’ll leave him to Booby and Foxy, while I get on with the matter in hand.
Apparently, there might even be some awards given out too.

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