Not feeling Christmassy yet? Give it time, give it time

busty idolSo, here we are, the second week of November and Christmas has well and truly arrived. In fact, our lesser rival magazines can seem to write about little else. Paradise Papers? Nah, the John Lewis monster ad…Brexit? Forget it, M&S is only using Paddington Bear for gawd’s sake…
Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas, and I simply can’t wait to be showered with gifts from all you lovely readers. I must admit that I am still putting the finishing touches to my Christmas list, but hopefully by next week it will appear here in all its morning glory.
Yet even I find it hard to come over all “Christmassy” until I secure my ticket for the DMA Awards. Talking of which, despite my best efforts, my shiny invite has still not arrived – unless the postie has nicked it. Heaven forbid.
Desperate times call for desperate measures my friends, and so it is with a heavy heart I am forced to get down on my knees to everyone’s industry’s heartthrob, the dashingly handsome Chris Combemale.
I say a heavy heart because I know he is married with kids and everything, but I am sure Mrs Combemale will understand that a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to secure her place among the good, the bad and the downright pig ugly of direct marketing. After all, as the DMA Awards blurb states: “Rewardingly hard to win. Devilishly tempting to celebrate.” And who could argue with that?
Anyway, did I ever tell you what a marvellous job they are all doing over at the rejuvenated and refreshed DMA House? So much better than it used to be too, back in the day when it was run by that bloke who didn’t know his arse from his elbow. Let’s face it, Chris is quite possibly the best group chief executive the industry body has ever had. After all, he’s got the looks and the brains, what more could a girl want?
And let’s not forget the lovely Rachel Aldig…Rachel Aldagh…well, Rachel, the DMA’s stunning managing director. Oh yeah, and Tim “007” Bond, the group head of PR & insight, he’s pretty fit too…The only person I don’t have to suck up to is Ed Owen, he works for the IDM now so he can go and take a running jump (until I need to go to an IDM event, of course).
Now while I would obviously not recommend this approach to everyone (you lot can get your own bloody ticket at the DMA Awards website) if all of the above doesn’t get me in, I give up!

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