Slim pickings force Foxy into the self-partnering scene

foxy 414Swing low, sweat chariot my arse…who likes rugby anyway? Yep, you guessed it, I was only a temporary fan but it was good while it lasted. Mind you, it could’ve been so different if Eddie Jones had actually read my advice – after all, I had already fingered Faf de Klerk and Handre Pollard…

Luckily, I had managed to down at least 10 pints before half-time – I am no Southern softie, you know – so by the time the final whistle blew in Yokohama I was already cheering anything in shorts.

And now that the festive ads are all over the TV, I can at least take my mind off the disappointment. Not that I am relying on anyone else to lavish me with presents this year as, dear readers, I am now officially “self-partnered”.

That’s right, I have simply had enough of trawling the Internet looking for a decent fella. Let’s face it, turned out to be a plane crash and Chocolate Lovers Passions was as limp as a lettuce.

Now, of course, I could try Trucker Passions, Teachers Passions, Medical Passions, Legal Passions, Military Passions, Beer Passions and Wine Passions but what would be the point when I already have one of the best partners in the world right here…me.

And, guess what, as if by coincidence next Tuesday is “Singles Day”, where us singletons get to “self-gift”. And we’re not talking small treats either, apparently Singles Day is four times larger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, with last year’s event making $24bn (£18.6bn) in just 24 hours. Perhaps unsurprisingly, food, beauty and drink brands are the top sellers.

And the even better news? When you’re self-partnered you don’t have to bother with Slimmers World, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, LighterLife, Nutrisystem, Medifast – or even the “The Busty Diet, in association with, yes, you guessed it, Pornhub” – as it doesn’t matter if you are fat, fatty or fatter.

What could be better than me, myself and I?

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