Spoons to the rescue as Foxy misses out on ‘Decadance’

foxy 414So, I am guessing that there’s no chance we will be getting a four-day week any time soon then. Still, with everything “oven ready” and Boris insisting he will “unleash Britain’s potential” apparently it’s all going to go like gangbusters.

Read it and weep but don’t blame me if it all goes tits up.

Mind you, with the General Election out of the way, at least I can now start to concentrate on what really matters – why it’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas, of course.

For those of you wondering what you can buy me, the rather sad news is that my personal favourite, the Selfridges Christmas Decadance Hamper (featuring Golden Oscietra Caviar and truffle oil, along with the fine wines selected by their expert sommelier, a snip at £5,000) has already sold out, even though they can’t actually spell it.

Luckily, the Harrods Belgravia Hamper (delight in a mouth-watering selection of delicacies, including fine wines, a selection of biscuits, jams, chutney, truffles and more for a very cut price £400) is still available.

If all else fails, I guess I will  just have to make do with my out-of-date advent calendar from Lidl (who says austerity is over?).

However, in a way I have already had my Christmas treat by reading the one and only Spooner’s BIGGEST XMAS TV AD REVIEW OF THE YEAR. I know it came at a high price, he was so busy bashing away that he could not spare the time to come to the Decision Marketing Christmas Party. And he was sorely missed I can tell you, especially as I had to put up with Fatty and Fatter slobbering all over the place and telling me what a great year they had both had.

But, fear not, Roxy and I are planning our very own event next week so we can reward the gorgeous, witty, brainy and übersexy proprietor of Spoon Creative Ltd, complete with some of the team at our favourite client, the Virgina Museum, who have been gushing in their praise of his prose.

I am not sure that the Indiana Tandoori Restaurant in Hove will have seen anything quite like it before as those Vault of Vayjayjay girls are very loud, especially when they’ve got a mouthful of Phaal with added Bhut Jolokia. And, of course, we are all looking forward to spoons with Spoons at the “afters party” round at his flat…

Hopefully, like last week, I will be able to resist the urge to deepthroat the Green Fairy again, which I have already confessed got me in so much trouble last year. But if not, have a great Christmas and see you again in the new year sometime…

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