The Green Fairy puts paid to this week’s Foxy musings

foxy 414Ouch and double ouch. You’ll have to be gentle with me today, fans, as my head is still pounding from last night’s “Thirsty Thursday” Decision Marketing Christmas Party with all the team and I fear I am going slightly mad.
Quite why we had it last night is anyone’s guess, especially as I now have to think of something at least partially interesting to tell you; not easy when you are gaga.
I do remember we were reminiscing about the Decision Marketing Summer Holiday Bus trip. Oh how we laughed and laughed, and laughed some more as we looked back on our travels through Rectum, our visit to Horní Police; and our whistle-stop tour of La Virgina, in Toskana, Italy. Seems like a long time ago now…
The next thing I recall was the Man with the Golden Tongue coming back from the bar with a large round of “Green Fairy”. And then it all goes blank….
Apparently the wine flowed, the Christmas songs rang out and we partied till dawn… We also had a special appearance from industry grandee Lucian Camp, who is always in fine fettle at this time of year.
That is because he is the only person in the DM industry ever to have had a Christmas Number One. That’s right folks; before he became an agency chief he was a session musician and played the bass on the 1974 smash-hit Wombling Merry Christmas.
Of course, you may well be wondering how he squeezed into a Womble suit. Well, don’t lose any sleep over it; apparently the people in the suits were just kids – the band played underneath the stage, as the lyric says: “Under the ground, there is the sound of a symphony.”
See, told you not to expect too much…

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