Welcome to the ‘PAM-mies’; the new awards in town

foxy 414You know sometimes, just sometimes, I worry that maybe I am going a bit soft. Whatever. Of course, just like everyone, I love a freebie and news has reached me this week that I can expect not one but TWO big treats in the post from appreciative Foxy fans who have been particularly pleased with my musings.

Now, while they wind their merry way to my door, courtesy of “Emma” and “Erris”, I’ve been wracking my brains to try to remember what nonsense I could have possibly written to have sparked such love.

It’s not that I’m upset, you understand, it’s just that I need to work out what the winning formula is so I can repeat it again and again. Well, Christmas is coming girls…

One man who possibly won’t be putting me on his Christmas list is the first winner of a new competition I’m launching, entitled “Pompous Arse of the Month” or the “PAM-mies” as I have christened them.

With every award show in the industry now going into meltdown, I figure why not set up something slightly alternative.

So…drum roll…step forward the inaugural winner: Mr Mark Lund, president of McCann Worldgroup Europe and UK for his opus entitled: “Our offices must now capture the spirit of the agora of ancient Greece.”

And I quote: “The role of the office… is to continue to be a melting pot of creativity and human possibility. It harks back to the role of the agora, the market squares in ancient Greece, where goods were bought and sold, but also where some of the world’s most important ideas were born, including democracy.

“Our own agora will continue to be a hybrid, combining individual talent with the power of collaboration. The new ‘office’ can be anywhere we meet to create, think and connect. And when we come together, we will feel the strength of being unbeatable as one collective, diverse, connected, brilliant and brave community. What has given us strength before will keep us strong now – wherever we may be.”

Get over yourself, man, you work in adland; you’re not changing the world, you’re selling shit. In fact, replace the word “agora” for backstreet market and you might have a point. You’re just a posh Del-boy. Still, at least you’re now an award winner, too, hey Marky… (see, told you I was going soft).

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