Why Christmas is coming early for Foxy and Roxy Show

foxy 414Work, work, work, work, work, is it just me or are bosses these days so demanding? I mean, with all the jobs I have to juggle, I have barely had time to think about Christmas…and it’s only 94 sleeps away you know.
OK, autumn is only a few weeks in, and before you all cry “it’s far too early”, I am not the only one. The decorations are already up in some shops and Campaign has also started its very own bauble rolling with claims that Elton John and Take That are set to go head to head in this year’s seasonal bunfight.
Of course, I am already looking forward to the golden grandchild’s first Christmas. Bless her cotton socks. Roxy and I are planning a big one for her…but if there are any very generous benefactors out there reading this, apparently the must-haves this year include Fingerlings Dinos, Boxer The Robot, Pikmi Pops unicorn ride-ons and the Chow Crown. Now, while those would be lovely, let’s not forget that fine Champagne and chocolate will also make sure her day is very special.
And then dear readers, there is the annual quest to get a golden ticket to the DMA Awards. Now, I know Busty was NFI’d last year but still managed to sneak in, due to a mystery benefactor, yet I am relatively new to this game. Roxy and I are DMA Awards Virgins, and you don’t get many of those to the pound…
First up though, I hear there is the DMA Awards Shortlist Party next month, “a luminous list populated by campaigns that exude creative excellence, strategic brilliance and results that prove the work, worked”.
According to the official blurb, “the evening will celebrate the work, and the people behind the work, so be there to toast the list – and yourself, if you entered – and meet and mingle with the creative thinkers and innovative marketers drawn from around agencyland and leading UK brands”.
Surely they couldn’t even think about such an event without including the “Foxy and Roxy Show”?

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