Why Christmas is not the only pleasure that’s coming

foxy 414So, it seems, it’s not just me who is coming over all Christmassy (lucky old “all Christmassy”); even our very own Grinch, the otherwise gorgeous, witty, brainy and übersexy proprietor of Spoon Creative Ltd, Jonathan Spooner, has found an advert he likes...for Greenies Dental Treats for dogs, naturally.

I worry that maybe he’s going a bit soft in his old age, although all will be revealed in a few weeks’ time when he has crafted his annual festive TV ad review. (Any agencies who feel like sending him some bribes to curry favour this year should send them to me first and I will see he gets them, of course.)

Talking of which, one of the only good things about Covid is that I haven’t had to worry about going on yet another tedious pre-festive diet to ensure I can get into my LBD for the annual awards season. Nope, I’m going full-on turkey and fattening up for Christmas with all the trimmings.

And, after all, I still look slim compared to my esteemed bosses, McFatty and McFatter, and my fella Desperate Dan – the Southern softie who’s hard in all the right places – says he likes the new fuller-figure Foxy.

And, as if by magic, everyone’s favourite ice cream brand Magnum is launching a November promotion delivering complimentary boxes of Magnum Double Salted Caramel to encourage us Brits to reclaim our sofas as places for pleasure and indulgence.

According to its research, 41% of people report they are more likely to work through their breaks now they toil away from home and 51% have reported working outside their contractual hours. Welcome to my world.

Still, Magnum reckons that British living rooms have fast become the office. Ditto.

So, to give us all some light relief, the brand is teaming up with Deliveroo to help Brits break away from the day and rediscover pleasurable evenings on the sofa with the Break into Pleasure box, made out of sugar glass.

Inside lies a tub of “savory, sweet caramel sauce, expertly swirled in fragrant Madagascan vanilla ice cream, with thick pieces of milk chocolate through the pint and enveloped by a cracking shell of silky milk chocolate”. And, guess what, the promotion is coming to Brighton next week.

Mind you, I thought I was a massive Magnum fan until I caught this week’s Naked Attraction on Channel 4, in which divorcee Leanne got viewers decidedly hot under the collar as she kicked off her search for an “experimental” new man to share her passion for sex and ice cream.

Suffice to say, our Leanne is definitely not just coming over “all Christmassy”…

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