Why Foxy is going gangbusters for the ‘Megxit’ account

foxy 414Haaaaaaaappy New Year to all; I hope you had a great break. I’d like to say my batteries are now fully recharged for the year ahead with the fortitude, endurance, and indefatigability of a super-strength Duracell Bunny…

I’d like to say that but, sadly, ten days into January and I already feel like doing my very own “Megxit” and “carving out a progressive new role” for myself.

You see, my esteemed bosses Fattier and Much Fatter (yep, Christmas has taken its toll on their elasticated waistbands) have yet to return to work. And even Roxy hasn’t been seen since she left for a New Year’s Eve bender at the Vagina Museum.

All of which means, of course, that I’ve been left to run this huge multinational corporation on my own and frankly I’ve had it up to here already.

Why, oh why we hear you ask…surely that’s a dream job?

Hmm. The thing is, I must admit that I too am slightly tempted to give up my privileged position yet retain all the status, glory and cash – as well as my multimillion pound residence – so that I can have a nice quiet life away from media scrutiny, sitting in another multimillion pound residence, coining in the money away from prying eyes…

Then I will be able to have my cake and eat it (god I love cake).

Of course, the real problem is that it’s not quite so easy to give up it all up when you haven’t got it in the first place, so instead I am hatching a plan to get my hands on the Harry and Megan rebrand.

After all, if they’re looking for content creation, content strategy, PR, design, illustration or thought leadership for their new venture, they could do worse than check out McContent & Design (remember them?). They’ve only got to ask the Vayjayjay girls, they’ve been gushing about us for months…

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