Why Foxy is not the only one making plans for Nigel

foxy old 414So, there I was toiling away in the “Decision Marketing Nerve Centre” when I heard the letterbox clang. Was it a nice pressie in the post for me from one of you lovely readers? Was it a VIP ticket to a top sporting event? Was it an invite to the opening of an envelope (I’m getting desperate)?
If only. Annoyingly it was a leaflet from Slimming World urging me to sign up to their “lifestyle weight management programme” which launches next week in the local church hall.
To be fair, it wasn’t personally addressed to me, so it could easily have been for one of my two bosses, Fatty and Fatter. But I like to think that anything which comes through the letterbox is mine, so when I opened the Slimming World leaflet to find a 2 for 1 offer from Domino’s Pizza inside – so many toppings, so little time – it probably doesn’t take a genius to work out which one is now stuck on the fridge.
Of course, one of the big stories this week is that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD has downloaded the FaceApp and is posting pictures of themselves looking old and grey. McKelvey and McCawley have both done it, but they’re so old already, they didn’t look any different. For some reason, when I did it (see above), I ended up with a blue rinse and a very ruddy complexion, which I actually find quite offensive…
Talking of offensive, I’ve seen some pretty loathsome people interviewed by Campaign magazine in recent months – departing Adam & Eve/DDB co-founder David Golding’s boast that “being brilliant is just what Adam & Eve/DDB is” anyone? – but this week they’ve surpassed even themselves.
Yes, not only have they given airtime to one of the most divisive tossers this country – if not the world – has seen; they’ve blown smoke up his arse, too. Now, it’s all very well interviewing Farage, but at least ask him some hard-hitting questions rather than pander to his massive ego and then bang on about how marvellous he is…
To be honest, I’d love nothing more than to tell you my own plans for Nigel, but hey this is a family publication. Suffice to say, no sooner had the adland wank mag published the article than there was a massive backlash from the readership, with an open letter from senior figures at ITV, the Telegraph Group, Google, Spotify, and Twitter to name just a few. Cue a grovelling apology from global editor in chief Claire Beale.
Funnily enough, just 24 hours before, our Claire had written: “Nigel Farage is an impressive marketer and storyteller whose simple, focused and repetitive messaging enshrines some smart strategic practices. Even as so many despise his views, they admire his approach.”
Now it’s all humble pie: “We made mistakes in our approach. And we’re sorry. We’d like to make it clear that the Campaign team does not tolerate racism, sexism or bigotry of any kind.” What-ever…
Reports that they have now had to pull the plug on a proposed feature on how Adolf Hitler was a great brand-builder have not been confirmed…

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