Why Foxy is settin’ sail fer the galleon trip o’ a life-time

foxy 414Ahoy! me dear fans ‘n ahoy t’ this special edition o’ Foxy on the Seven Seas. Aye, followin’ international natter like a pirate day earlier tis week I appear t’ ‘ave become slightly obsession wit’ the seafarin’ life.

Apparently, datin’ back t’ September 19 1995, International Talk Like a Pirate Day was created by John Baur ‘n Mark Summers o’ Albany, Oregon ‘n has since been adopted by the Pastafarianism movement as an official holiday. (Mind ye, the Pastafarianists don’t seem t’ take it that seriously.)

And, t’ be fair, I was ne’er in t’ the joys o’ the open seas ’til I started goin’ out me new whelp, financial advisor Dylan, who claims t’ be related t’ Blackbeard (Edward Teach), the notorious cap’n ‘n arguably the most famous pirate ever, whose deeds, behaviour, ‘n terrifyin’ image made ‘im a perfect villain who harassed those rich folks o’ the Caribbean.

‘Tis also said he was also the inspiration fer Johnny Depp’s Cap’n Jack Sparrow in Pirates o’ the Caribbean, but I must admit, me Dylan be no Johnny – he’s far better lookin’ ‘n, as far as I am aware, he doesn’t drink Stella Artois either.

Anyway, it jus’ so happens that me new whelp also has a large cruiser, moored at Brighton Marina, so off we went this week fer a spot o’ messin’ around in boats.

Nah that we actually made it t’ the open waters – I am nah that bloody crazy, it has been blowin’ a gale down here all week – but at least I now know me port from me starboard, me sea cock from me ground tackle, and, crucially, I also know Dylan loves takin’ me round the “aft”.

Now, o’ course, I hear ye askin’ that age-ole riddle o’ wha’ the Davy Jones’ locker has all this got t’ do wit’ marketin’?

Well, listen up, ‘n listen good. As I ‘ave already mentioned, Dylan works in financial services. ‘n, wha’ be the one thing that financial services firms needs the most at t’moment? Why, content marketin’, o’ course ‘n don’t ye forget it. Luckily, McContent & Design (remember them?) are on t’ case already…

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